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Dead Sea Games: Adrift

Dead Sea Games: Adrift - J. Whitworth Hazzard Dead Sea Games: Adrift is a post-apocalyptic serial set post z-day Manhattan Island. A world where people have taken the term 'Rising Above; to heart. What happens when everyone is trapped on an Island, both alive and walking dead? You do your best to survive, even if it means taking it a bit to far every day.

This is the first installation of a serial/episodic tale (about 20K words) is another exploration in the sociological implications of a contained society who struggle daily with the loss of humanity and it's nations. They also struggle with their own failing loss of humanity. Most being forced to take chances in order for themselves and family members to survive. Occasionally choosing to do things with no one holding a knife at their throat, other than the voices within. What happens to them? What does a teenage boy do when he needs to help put food on the table? Are there even children left anymore? These are the questions that arise. Some are answered, or the author begins to answer, some will surprise you, some will make you hold your breath.

Take a chance and grab a copy and get a starting glance into the world of Jeremy Walters, the teenager protagonist who with his mother and other survivors of NYC attempt to rise above the sea of dead in their rooftop sanctuaries. Are the actions of some self-less or driven by the need to show they can make it one more day. Can there be hope? This is a story of which I agree with the masses, it is a human story, but I also agree with the author, it is fun, because lets all face it with all the wonderful zombie stories out there these days, you have to have a bit of fun with all the no-brainers!