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Coloured and Other Stories - Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Ten tales of the experiences not only immigrants both men and women, but those of American’s who happen to not be *sarcastic mock look of horror* who are not white! The stories within this collection had me smiling, laughing, frustrated, at times incensed.

Having read and been a part of some of Moha Doha’s social circles I was already well aware of her background and her style of writing in some form or another and I have read two of her and considered myself prepared for ten amazing literary shorts, I can say without a doubt she caught me way off gaurd.

Some of these tales fit what I had read, such as “Truth” which is a wake up call to a young woman who was raised with big brothers in America and her family, for the most part, is to her American-ized. She goes to University, is a bit snooty, doesn’t believe what she is reading about what she perceives is the truth about her families Indian Culture till one family gathering she learns a very hard lesson about truth and just how lucky she is. The style was tight and to the point and brilliantly presented.

“Food”, of course I am going to talk about this story. It is a story about attraction, about office relationships, about shame and tastes and it made me angry, hungry for curry and pizza with the works, and wanting to smack an idealistic character of the “office friend” who makes you feel like an idiot despite the fact you are the better employee. Who is popular with the co-workers around the water cooler, who is a friend, but not really a friend, and who has made you feel inferior? Who would have thought the issue of food could do this? Yes, sorry, I gone a bit off-track but as a writer of short stories, and a fan of The Canterbury Tales I am a bit obsessed with the proper use of the idealistic character. I adore it when someone can actual write in the prescribed formula and yet make it original. This tale was a favorite of mine… but was not my favorite in the collection, believe it or not!

“Weeds” is humorous, I adored it and can see why it is a favorite. Plus it reminded me of when I lived in Texas and didn’t understand why I needed to mow my grass all the time, I liked it a certain length and I adored Dandelions, heck I grew them in my garden because I love dandelion greens for my salads! It will make you think about some of those everyday things we take for granted. But it still was not my favorite, they all were amazing..

My favorite was Dasi, the first in the book. It is the story that grabbed me, shook me awake, made me cry in anger and memory and grateful that I was at least raped in America and that I had the mother-in-law experiences I have had. I realize this is wham bam harsh. There is no graphic descriptions, there is nothing to even make you, if you are a victim such as I, have any flash back PTSD related anything. It is therapeutic it is absolutely amazing as it walks you backwards in time old to young of the life of one girl who never really was allowed to become a woman… at least it read to me like this. You should go at least grab a sample read, and let us know what you think? Or for $2.99 get a copy for yourself.

5 of 5 stars, which I give out very little these days. This was much deserving. I recommend it to anyone, men and women alike. It is a book I want to order a hard copy of to give to friends as birthdays, and have a copy to have on my night stand. I will be re-reading this a lot, this is a collection which I can label as a classic read.