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The Stolen: Two Short Stories

The Stolen: Two Short Stories - Michelle Browne I have not read science fiction in a while and this one is such a treat. Both of these stories are written with such depth and color. The attention to detail, the characters are all well rounded and you feel right along with them, each step and breath. The message that sneaks up on you and makes you look at what you take for granted, your freedom and liberty.

It is not a new concept, this one of forcibly controlled lives, freedoms etc, but Michelle’s world build gives it a whole new window dressing and flavor, and not like New Coke! Her character builds are rich, and harsh, much like their world. It leaves you wanting for more, much more. Isn’t this what a good story should do? Sure I wish it was a novel length series, but again, the prescription of writing shorts is not missed by Michelle. She has it all wrapped up tight in 100 pages of intense reading!

Go grab a copy and enjoy it during lunch or this next weekend, it is well worth the read, especially if you are a sucker for dystopic subject matter!