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January Justice (The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs, #1)

January Justice (The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs, #1) - Athol Dickson I haven’t read too many mysteries this month, so I was thrilled to have this become an excellent choice in a tour book. I’ve been stuck in horror and thrillers and right now I’m actually reading this hilarious urban fantasy. January Justice is a straight up mystery crime thriller full of some really neat and interesting characters and it was kind of this trio of amazing characters and I really am excited to be able to review it today.

The mystery starts off somewhat mysterious haha seriously you’re really not sure what’s going on at all. It does a little bit of catching you up you speed by using flashbacks which though ironic is confusing at first but you get used to it because the protagonist is not quite right in the head due to the nature of the original crime.

Our main character Malcolm Cutter was a bodyguard for Haley the main star who to took a dive or ran straight off the cliff and killed her self and nobody actually knows who killed her and attempted to kill him but there are some people that still consider him the prime suspect and when he gets released from the mental ward because it does break him and break his mind a month later he goes back to the residence where he’s lives in the guesthouse on the on the grounds of his wife’s house and we find out that he was actually married to her all he wants to do is solve her murder more than anything else other than perhaps ending himself. he cannot see outside of his obsession so he works. He was a bodyguard and driver of the rich and famous before. Why not do it now.

Malcolm is a former marine. You know the old adage .. Once a marine… always a marine. I will leave it at that. Exactly what’s happened with him and his history is pertinent to his character and how the story will flow. I will say one thing. Do not judge until you hear the story in its completion, allow the judging from how you see him throughout the whole book to build from his actions. Judging from how you read him and Athol does a wonderful job doing character build with every single character i has a flavor every single character. There is a little over-the-top going on… The Marine is your typical ooh-rah and your butler seems to be your typical butler and your gardener seems to be your typical gardener. When I say seems to be a big because everything in this story seems to be and I think that the key factor nothing we see or what we read or who we meet is how it seems to be. So if you take that and apply it to almost every thing you’ll be able to factor and suss out what’s going on, sort if. I figured it out about halfway through.

Along with our broken main character Malcolm there is the Butler, Simon and the gardener Teku. Both were extremely loyal not only to their deceased employer Haley but also to Malcolm. The three are a very strong part of the story and none of them should be dismissed. The other characters are also Important both deceased and present. It is important to note as I said above not to be looking at them as they are presented but to pay attention to every action they take. The author is very good at laying the clues out in front of you. So take notes if you’re not a season mystery reader you will miss them and be more than a bit surprised in the end.

All in all it’s a good read no matter what whether if you are it mystery reader or love a good action thriller. A great read it about a 3 1/2 out of 5 on the Mystery scale for me because I figured it out about halfway through. Over all a 4 out of 5. I really enjoyed the book! I thought the characters for wonderful the story had spark and flare. I thought it was a great story. One from an author I really want to read from and more about Malcolm Cutter & his surprise sidekicks Simon and Teku the wonder butler and Gardner. I hope the author had more stories to come and more mysteries to be solved trifecta of crime solving between these very unlikely team members.

Thank you again for this awesome read and anybody likes a good straight action based mystery crime thriller (grin) with a touch of love story, i should add, and an interesting aet of characters should read it!

**ONE note of possible and I mean minutely possible triggers the Marine Malcolm Cutter in this is a former gunnery sergeant and was involved in the afghan struggles during our conflict over there and there’s some pretty gruesome scenes that he recounts in his flashbacks. So if any of those things would bother you I would either skim pass them if you think you could or have someone do a pre-read for you or just not read the book. But it would be sad because if you like these kinds of books with heroes. Real Heroes. It’s such a good book. It is very important to his character development and very important to who he is a character but it is important to note because as someone with PTSD and someone whose friends with Marines, Army, Air Force you name vets it who suffer from their time in the desert there is a possibility it triggered a problem. A small possibility. You never now so I just want to put that out there

Otherwise the book is a good clean fun! I has got some funny exciting moments and I would say I definitely give it two thumbs up. Also some interesting factors with Guatemala if you don’t know anything about that so I would definitely give it a whirl I really enjoyed it and definitely was perfect timing for my”J id for” #atozchallenge entry! I swear to Bacon I did not plan this! It couldn’t have fallen on a more perfect day! Pure KISMET!! Ohhhhh a K word. Tomorrow K is for … (see more of my #AtoZChallenge with a lot Reviews at cabingoddess.com