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Ferntree Falls (Witchwood Estate, #2)

Ferntree Falls - Patti Roberts Episode 2 (smiling) Alexandria and Andrew couldn't be more different while being in the same place in life. So lost and needing to find him. Both thinking this bus will bring them there. Was Alexandria going to get a bug surprise!

Young at heart fun again. Good and evil are brought to light more prevalently. Now we have white wolves stalking or being nosey at least.. And a movie star quality rich daddy's girl/witch of questionable intent!! To the gum smacking bird hating deadbeat loser caretaker Raymond and his mousey wanna-be like Lewis Carroll deadly chocolate cake baking wife Vera! Ohhhh there is one more...well sort of two but I'll wait till later to introduce her.

What seems like a quaint little tourism township, and having spent five years raising kids in one of them in Mass myself, is only for the visiting eyes, a nice car, some spiffy paint it seems, a few fancy belly rings and chocolate cake seem to mask many underlying crazy and insane personalities.

Miss Roberts folded up Grandma's lace and slipped on a pair of hip waders to write about some of the bad guys! Raymond? Sheesh! That man is 31 flavors of wrong! His wife Vera? Her cookies done crumbled! But Carmon? She is who I waited to mention. Ohhhh i think she will be the villainesses I am going to love to hate!! Plus I'm pretty sure her snakes name is the one I suggested!! Who doesn't like the name Tiamat!?!

I loved it! Everyone go grab them both Episode 3 can't get her fast enough!!

Now on a very serious technical note. The glossary is amazing and thorough. As a former teaching High Priestess who has run her own book, charm, herb and oil shop as well as been a Coven leader your inclusion of such extensive info is very impressive.