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To Katie With Love

To Katie With Love - Erica Lucke Dean *cheering* its like a super awesome, funny, charming, box of wine and popcorn in sweat pants chick-flick and a Maraghritas Senioritas themes party worthy read... no more...way to hit a home run, Erica!! -- REVIEW

Reading this book was a blast. I am not openly into chick-lit but I love a good chick-flick so it was no surprise I was tempted to pull on my university logo sweat pants with a whole in the knee, put my hair in a side ponytail order pizza or zap a Lean Cuisine meal, grab a box o' wine and dig into it. This book was a pure delight to read. Twists and turns and as it says on the book cover "Who would have thought having an assassin as a boyfriend would be the least of her problems!" Perhaps if she took a cold shower under all four shower heads in the Chandelier Room with Adjoining Toilet (CRWAT - yes you will have to read the book to understand the context) and perhaps she could have some clarity.

The story is fast paced and seemingly has the typical insta-love at the very beginning like every other romance novel out there. But the fact is both of them have been having feelings for each other for longer than the "first chapter". The truth is Cooper Maxwell had her as his personal banker for over a year and as we will learn he has had his eye on her for a very long time. Dean has written Katie, Cooper and the rest of the "cast" into believable, over the top and yet still well-rounded. Katie makes me want to give her a hug and a makeover at the beginning with her insecurities and total inability to handle a healthy relationship. Instead of accepting what Cooper is offering her at face value she starts letting her very vivid imagination get the best of her... despite the fact he fed her bacon. See, this would be it with me. I would not question him after the bacon no matter how many mysterious money transfers and bodies were piling up... (just saying!!)

Katie protects herself by hiding behind her pretend cat and her pretend boyfriend who lives on the pages of her favorite vampire romance novels she reads while laying in her average count sheets. But Katie has a very well meaning friend who decides to put her in a pair of "dangerous" boots and a not so subtle top ohh.. and not to mention the mini skirt and then sets her loose on her birthday to have some fun. What she doesn't know, as we read about her inability to handle alcohol, is her wardrobe is not the only one thing her friend has been arranging.

If I were to write a joke to describe the book it would start with "Dark steamy hot client walks into a bar..." wait, what is the punch line? Well it could be Katie as she throws back another shot and starts having dark steamy thoughts about Cooper aka dark steamy hot client as the night goes on and the drinks keep flowing... But this book is not a joke, no matter how funny Erica Lucke Dean writes some of the defining moments of Katies new found love.

Later on that night the joke maybe on Katie as she rolls over and wakes up face down in "magnificent sheets" and realizes she is not at home. The sheets should have been an indicator but I am willing to bet the missing pile of books with all the "dark steamy" parts marked were a bigger clue.

Katie's transformation begin that night as she gains more confidence and begins to face the day with a pair of dangerous boots and butterflies in her belly. But she also is faced with the mystery of who her new beau is. She knows how much money he makes yet.... how is he making it? Basically we have a recipe for a typical romance novel. Boy meets girl, girl falls for girl, boy falls for girl, they kiss, some secret ends in a misunderstanding, something fun and quirky happens and in the end............. they live happily ever after. But Dean has a whole new take on writing romance - and it involves a chick-flick style of writing. If this was a movie, I bet I could get Geoff to watch it with me because of how fun the whole story is! Especially all the twists and turns, which I guarantee you will be surprised with! It is all that and a bag of chips... wait no a bag of marshmallows (seriously read it, you will get it!!)



1 boy
1 girl
1-6 shots
1 pair of dangerous boots
magnificent Sheets
kisses (sprinkle to taste)
1 secret and/or misunderstanding
1 bag of marshmallows


Pour shy girl into hot outfit and dangerous boots on her birthday and pour alcohol into girl
tip off hot boy that shy girl will be at said bar and suggest he come
have hot boy take care of drunk girl and pour her into magnificent sheets
add lunch (see food is involved) and dinner and a first kiss.. and more...
hot boy has a job but won't tell she girl who is falling in love with hot boy what it is.
add marshmallows, hot boys shirt and a security guard with a gun.. oh and sans panties, and what do you have?
To Katie with Love

To Katie with Love

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