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No Way Back (2013)

No Way Back (2013) - Andrew Gross I enjoyed the read, I liked it but the story was OK. I would give it more of a 3.5 stars on Amazon but here it is really barely a 3 which is the marking for I liked it. I didn't really like it, and I did not LIKE it.. I found it OK!

The novel was written to be fast paced and with an almost hopping manner of prose. At first I was not sure what I was going to be getting with the prologue but it was shown later on in the story, still after that was exposed it fit a very fundamental and predictable manner. Andrew Gross is an amazing writer, which shows through in this story and to have nothing new to the formula of the mystery. Here is the thing, the beginning was awesome! Wendy, one of our protagonist (the main one)is quite clever.... way to clever, to a point where I was *faceplant* a bit unreal, it was fun, granted but it was not believable. Again because it was formulaic there were many cliches the fact she bought into any of these promises and yet she was suppose to be so smart and and... well I was frustrated. About halfway through I almost stopped but kept up because the writing was good. HENCE my OK I thought it was better than OK but not as good as a full four star LIKE rating!

I have read Gross before and was expecting more out of this book. Again, his expert level of writing and story telling saved an average story build with average players. THOUGH her ex boss is my favorite! The rest of it? THe mafia and the... I got messed up confused and kind of just let that part waffle in the wind. They play a huge part, this mexican mafia, but to me they were even more cliche than the rest. AGAIN he has a great voice, this one just did not hit he mark of excellence I expected from the author!