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Storytime - Petteri Hannila I was caught off guard with Petteri’s collection when I picked it up. His brother approached me after I reached out to a group looking for anthologies and short stories and he let me know it was free this week. When I read the description I was intrigued. curiosity will one day get me in a lot of trouble, be wary if you have me in your survival team during the zombie apocalypse… when I take chances they are usually wild ones. This one, however, paid off in full!

The stories begin with a haunting horror of consequence for actions taken with “Plants”. My question? Did he have a true choice? I do not think so, after you read it, do share and tell me what you think?

“Our time” was a short piece of flash fiction, not the strongest piece in the bunch. More of pinch than a punch but it still had impact. Kind of like a pinch of pepper on top of your salad.

“The Old Man” was sad and haunting. It reminded me of those dark tales of the end of the world. The last man on earth, but was he alone? Or did he choose to be?

“In about Hundred Worlds” surprised me, I had to re-read it and when I did I smiled and giggled a bit. a bit of sci-fi in my literary coffee cup! I love when an author can give me such a treat! This collection was fast becoming such a treat!

I continued to read with continuing oohs and ahhs. A childhood memory, to a little tour in “The Museum”, with “Grandmother” making me smirk and wanting me to try and trick my children and say… “and just who is she.. or what?” and ending with “The Man of The Land” which takes place in a Post-Apocalyptic world with a line it that still haunts me:

“After the men had left with Marja, Veikko sat at the table for a long time, gazing into nothingness with empty eyes. His life had crumbled into his hands like a moldy bread and he had done nothing to stop it.”
I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy a nice rich read and do not have time to read a full length novel at the moment. Oh my what a concept! It is after all, a #WeeklyShorts addition!