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Turning - Melinda Chapman Last night someone mentioned a zombie book with a twist A novella to be exact. I didn't expect this. I'm stunned beyond happy....sad... feeling fully satisfied and am wondering if I should start an email campaign to force the author into writing hre pandemic world build into a novel.

It's the perfect punch in the gut. As one reviewer say, no words wasted. Many writers try to puff up their piece to get to 50K words by adding a bunch of who gives a crap discriptions. Everything that is needed is in this piece. Every little scrap of dirt, every smell, stain, blood drop, feeling... everything. The eye color, the dilation, the thoughts, EVERYTHING. I rarely will say a story is perfect, and this one hits it at about 99.9% because nothing is truly perfect, but.. man, i really cannot find anything wrong!

Novella's are not a novella because they are a short piece of writing with a specific length of words they are novellas because of using a prescribed format of story structure. BAM! Plus, Zombies? It is so hard to write a good zombie story that actually comes across as originality. This is the the allegorical content. Like most well written zombie books it is a story within a story, a tale veiled as a zombie or pandemic psychological horror that tells another story! I highly recommend grabbing it today and finding out what it is!

Bravo for blowing this zombie lover away!!