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Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands - Brian J. Jarrett I enjoyed it. Not the best zombie book but not even close to the worst. The character development was not as strong a it could have been on most areas and lacking with others.

I had pockets and moments of being lost in the story and then it didn't get deep enough. It was two-dimensional. When a character dies I should have felt something but didn't.

I'm glad it wasn't a good ole boy zombie read with whose stockpile of looted guns is bigger than yours. But It really could have been so much more. Everything was either a ,"who give a s*" moment or left me hanging wanting more. Predictable to a fault.

But I sit her wondering should I rate it a 2 or 3 star or smack-dab in the middle and I think if it wasn't for Ed (the father) I would have rated this a sold 2. Ugh if we had 1-10 this would very a 4. So I will leave my 3.

Do I recommend it? Zombie aficionados read, watch and take anything than can grab. It's worth checking out if your one. But it's not a strong recommendation. I bought it or got it free on a KDP day ..I think..who knows. I don't consider my time wasted. Like I said I thought it was OK and like it enough. I just feel it was too flatĀ and did not have any breath-holding moments zombie books should have. I never was caught off guard. Ever.