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Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour

Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour - Donna Huber I have been waiting for this guide with baited breath because I run an author image service, run book tours for them and work with a lot of authors as a helpful hand who do not have the funds to hire PR on even a part time basis. This guide was needed. She has talked about many of the information in this how-to piece on her blog as part of her Thursday Tipe feature posts. BUT what she did here was expand upon it and give a step-by-step easy to follow guide, and even used pictures! (Yes I am visual, I love photos).

It is laid out in steps, and in the end it even has a set of nice checklists to use as an example or even just use as is. For those of us who take a zen approach and have the organizational skills of a squirrel before winter, this is wonderful. I run tours and I found after reading it for my third time even more info. I do things differently with some of these things but have found a bunch of things that will end up saving myself and the authors time, stress and money. Everything here is useful, there isn't one poor example of how to run part of a Tour. I have been part of her blog tours as a blogger and she is in the top three of who I would grade an A because of how smoothly they are run.

This is NOT just for DIY self publishing authors, this is NOT just for bloggers and tour hosts, this is not just for tour companies or publishers, or publicists. This is one of those guides that everyone in the indie publishing industry should have on the desk to "grab", check and use for reference. If it was in print, there would be stick tabs and highlights in mine! Thanks Donna!! Great first segment, cannot wait for more DIY guides.