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Vampire Miami

Vampire Miami - Phil Tucker Vampire Miami fell into my hands because I was looking for a vampire read, simple as that. The cover grabbed me and I bet the author, Phil Tucker will be happy to hear this since he had a Kickstarter campaign with that being part of the goal, creating a kick-ass cover.

You guys know me, no sparkly bullshit vamps for this cabin hippie! All intense hardcore real vamps! Well, this book? This is from the human angle! What happens when the humans really have lost the battle? Can one girl emerge amidst a bunch of blood bags and be the savior? Oh.... wait who is she going to save? And whose decision will it be? This book is the first off three, the third of which was just released and the first was free on the 2nd when I picked it up in honor of the 3rds, Vampire Redemption (The Human Revolt),release!

Selah Brown is a seventeen year old whose father has disappeared, or been disappeared as far as she is concerned while investigating a mysterious new drug connected to the vampires. Her world is in constant turmoil five years after the end of the war.. wait, not really the end more like a stalemate of the vampire war. Because most of those who were in power have been turned, and those who are not turned have .. well golly gee, they are not partaking in parties with those who are! HAHA!

At the start of this book Selah is being deported... voluntarily... to Miami. *clearing throat, looking around and tossing hair over shoulder* Now if you do not see the irony in that, it gets better, because later on in the book.. oh... *bouncing* I can't, I seriously cannot because it is spoilers, but trust me! There is more and I want to just go BRAVO to the author!

Most people in our current reality are deported OUT of Miami back to Cuba? Ay Papi! But brave Selah wants to fight and find out about the drug and government cover up or involvement her father was researching. With her fathers Omni (basically it is like Second Life encased in an iTouch like device with cloud-like features) she steps off the bus into a world that is destitute. The Vampires live life high off the human 'hog" and the humans live life in a world much as I envision a post Katrina New Orleans with life dying for so many, carrying on for others like Selah's grandmother despite the crumbling surroundings, working for the vampires.. much like slaves *wink-wink-subtle-subtle*.

katrina illusions ©2013 Kriss Morton digital manipulations - Cabin Goddess

katrina illusions ©2013 Kriss Morton digital manipulations - Cabin Goddess

Selah is head strong and tends to leap before she thinks. Her grandmother is a bigwig in Miami's human population including the building where she lives, which is a micro-community. The vampires basically is Miami's big brother, and the only way out of Miami is to buy your way out by winning three fights or 100K credits. Which honestly is next to impossible.

The vampires are paying for movies, PR, creating a public image to make themselves look sweet and likeable and "in". They have time right? I mean if they work long enough at it who is going to remember the monsters they were sixty years from now right? They aren't going to change though. They will always be dead inside & out.

But Selah is too dang curious! Remember Alice? The warning she had? Don't drink, don't eat the cake even if it says eat me? Don't talk to smiling cats? Well.... Selah is Alice in Vampireville where the wrong choice won't turn her small or tall but will get her throat ripped out and she seems to just not care, she throws caution to the wind! Phil Tucker is full of surprises far beyond reverse deportation. Many things are lightly veiled symbology which I cannot even start to go into without having spoilers. She totally ignores all warnings from her new friend and accepts not only one drink but several drinks, starts dancing and attracts the attention of tall dark and evil...

The Dragon, the right hand man of Miami's head vampire.

Dragon's are such singular creatures, ones who though are power still can be shackled but can also choose to soar and see clear for themselves. They are both creators and destroyers, which The Dragon represents for Selah. Her life begins and ends with this night. She makes decisions that change everything for her. In the end ... wait, beginning.. wait... end? oh dear.. damn it!!! I ... argh.. BLARGH!! It is such a good story! Selah does fly! She soars up high, she comes down, swims through the air, the sea and her consciousness... and her blood not only is the answer to her problems but the answer to possibly everything and possibly... well? How about this... go spend 99¢ and read the book because it is sooooo good!!

I am giving this FIVE FANGS! errrr or bites?

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There is much more but I think I will let you find it out for yourself.