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Playing Hooky (Paranormal Investigations, #1)

Playing Hooky (Paranormal Investigations, #1) - Rita Webb,  TJ Webb What you think is inside this book, is not...

How could I turn this down? She is going to school at UAA (University of Alaska, Anchorage). At least I assume so since that is the only college in Anchorage. I had to totally giggle as I read this and dove straight into the read. I asked to be part of the tour after helping with the graphics and falling in love with everything I kept hearing about it, and first off? This is a book you will not want to judge by it's cover.

Wait you say? The cover is beautiful you say? Well of course! I agree! But what is in it? Is a total surprise! Much to my surprise our leading lady, Emma and her best friend whom she gave up on being her leading man in her life, Jason get more than they bargain for on her birthday... her 21st birthday.. and Valentine's day... can you say one huge Cluster - *fudge-nutter-bar-but-not-the-tasty-kind*? Yep and what comes next is just like this cover, not what you expect to happen.

So what do I think about this book... err short story? Well I liked it, it was fun, it was fast and it was way to bloody short! Hello Rita!! BRING ME MORE! Come on, don't make me wait till winter *pout* I am stomping my feet! I love the glittering fun you taunted me with. I adore the interludes between Jason and Emma. The story flows well and even with my jacked up eyes and slower reading I was done in an hour.

So... can you say... don't judge book by it's cover here on Cabin Goddess??? Naaaa usually you can because I am a cover whore, but this time? Don't assume a story from the cover! You may just be beyond surprised

I rated this a 4/5 stars on Amazon because there it means I liked it. HERE 3/5 stars means I liked it. I did not really like it, I just liked it. On my blog it is rated a 3.5 stars which is where I feel it belongs for me!