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The Ivory Tower - a short story

The Ivory Tower - a short story - Kirstin Pulioff What a short but extremely powerful read. Every ounce of this 24 page short story is packed tight with intense emotion and well placed aspects that a true dystopian story. I will argue this is a young adult in label because it is a story anyone could and should read. The reason I believe it is being labeled as young adult is because of the age of the children and the message but, truly!? WOW!

I am beyond picky about dystopian reads, to many are written with a message of hope. Oh heck no! No one should wear a pair of rose color glasses.. you need a pair of grimy industrial goggles to go with your mud caked outfit, and your own number sewn on the cuff of your sleeve.

Living in an area with birch trees a plenty, I probably will not be playing hide and seek anytime soon. I like living in my dysfunctional bubble of denial! Great job. Perfect for a dreary and rainy afternoon of dystopian delight.

I am giving this a solid 9 out of 10