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Crypto and Co, Season One: The Fans Have Spoken

Crypto and Co, Season One: The Fans Have Spoken - Kriss Morton,  Andrew  Miller,  Patti Miller,  Momo Hinamori,  Sydney Catalyst,  Naomi A. Jones,  Pamela Griffiths,  Jason Johnson,  Erik Gustafson,  Melanie Marie,  Shifflett Ridner,  Fireball,  Ryan Matthew Harker,  Hellen Griffin,  Jesse Diaz,  James Griffin,  George The only way any rating created mid to late 2013 (especially in September) by anyone which is even close to being legitimate is to have gotten the review copy e-book from me because it NEVER WAS PUBLISHED on Amazon. I have not handed any of those out since May 2012. (Yes by any of you adding this to your DNR or authors-who-i-would-not-read) Or they bought it from the publisher in paperback (who is one guy in Vancouver, WA and he hasn't sold one in a year so...) Yep, even the positive ratings. So I question 95% of the ratings from mid 2013 on! I love how I can review someone else's book I PAID FOR, get bullied by an author and then get attacked in am anthology I am in by bullies on this site.