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The Retreat #1: Pandemic

The Retreat #1: Pandemic - Craig DiLouie,  Stephen Knight,  Joe McKinney This is a boy book *giggling* yes, I am a girl and it is a boy book and I totally dug it, balls to the wall dug it because:

a) it was written by Craig DiLouie and I want to have his brain babies
b) I like boy books.. especially ones with big guns and explosions etc and homicidal clowns..err. klowns.. err... read on

Me falling off couch in my super hero costume disquised so the GR Witches can't see me

Craig was introduced to me when I read the Infection, which was introduced to me by my friend Jessica who has a tendency to introduce me to books written by authors whose brain pans I want to lick like a lollypop! Now the Klowns would wanna lick it ..*giggle* yes I giggled a lot and was kind of knocked off kilter with the premise and some of the situations, and had a lot of OMG moments...

In fact the more I read this the more disturbed I was, my face twitched a bit and I felt something nagging in the back of my mind. I was not sure what to think. Having lived in the Boston area, where the book took place, I was even more out of place, the dreams I had were messed up. I can't really discuss the book, there would be to many spoilers.

Like his book Infection, it is not a zombie book, there is an infection, sure, but they are not real zombies, and also like Infection, they are driven in a mob like mentality... oh and they also like playing with water balloons and spreading the infection. What the two have in common, I will let you guess and go read the book to find out. What I can say is it starts off with something you think is a typical premise and mixes in something completely new and different, kind of like adding cayenne pepper to your pancake batter or salt to your carmel, sure not new now, but it was at one point wasn't it? Craig DeLouie is in the ground floor with this little bloody gem and of his and I like many others cannot wait for the second novella to come out!

Oh, one other thing, if very rational people who never think things are funny, and normally have to force a laugh start finding things funny which normally shouldn't be... they start laughing? RUN... RUN FAST.. VERY FAST!

When Bones goes Bad, RUN!!

Craig knows I want to have an intellectual crush on his bad boy self and waved a copy of this bad boy at me and I grabbed it right up... I didn't promise crap but I am writing a review, of course! *GRIN*