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Updating as much as I can - making the transition

So many books, so little time
~Frank Zappa


The transition from GR to here is slow but it is going. Sure the import makes it easy, but you still need to go through and check for things. With over 1800 books on my shelves it is somewhat of a monumental task. But since I never plan to set foot over at that other evil site again, it is a must. 


PLUSES? So far at least I have not been attacked here, though with only 100+ instead of 3000+ followers and friends, it is rather unlikely I will as of yet. I also like how I can make my review a post, considering I do not review all the books on my blog. Also because my blog is down till the latest nightmare is over (again did I mention EVIL) it is nice to post reviews and keep up with reading updates. They post to FB too and because of this I am gaining new followers and friends daily.