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Los Dias Oscuros / Dark Days (Apocalipsis Z / Apocalypse Z) (Spanish Edition)

Los Dias Oscuros / Dark Days (Apocalipsis Z / Apocalypse Z) (Spanish Edition) - Manel Loureiro Fast paced and full of excitement. More solid than the first book and no longer journal style it left reading straight through from cover to cover. Still lacking in full character builds I wa let down with the obvious choice whet the story leads. It's still a great zombie read and this one translates better (Though I read it first in Spanish and again in English). I've pre ordered the third if that says anything.

It's hard to find top-notch zombie books and this coming from the perspective of Spaniard is a treat. I think some of muddling of "there's one thing missing" is due to this. Basically if you like reading a zombie series where it is fast paced and full of incredible action and you do not mind cliches in the genre (because again let's face it, the basic conventions of zombie stories are ... cliche!) then you will like the series. Also, you coudl essentially read this without reading the first one. TONS of info dump at the beginning (which was annoying only because I had JUST read the first book).