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The Widow File: A Thriller

The Widow File: A Thriller - S.G. Redling This was one of those books that was perfect for when I read it. I loved the story but it had enough issues for me that took place in the short 203 pages which I feel if fixed would have made it a stellar read instead of a good read I am giving it "I LIKED IT" more like a 3.5 star.

First off some of the aspects were convoluted and ridiculous and it would have been fine (I watch COVERT AFFAIRS) but the problem is there was not enough backstory to help me apply my complete dispelling of belief. Some characters were a bit unbelievable. The bad guy is rather awesome however his infliction of not feeling anything including cold was not portrayed right so everytime it was mentioned (including emotion right) I twitched. But those were only small parts.

I love geeky stories and am a huge spy girl fan, and anything with computer hacking is always a blast. The main gal, Dani is absolutely wonderful. You fall in love with her RIGHT at the beginning! Everything that happens on her side is wonderful. The bad guy is fleshed out too. The whole mysterious reason why (spoiler so I won't mention what) everything is going belly up is so confusing and even though Dani does her magic trash puzzle building it still did not get fleshed out enough.

Like I said 3.5 stars and I would honestly recommend this read to anyone into a good fast weekend thriller read! It is on sale all the time and it is totally worth it. I will be reading more from this author.