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Dog World - Jason McKinney,  Tabitha McKinney When I first read the premise of this book my first thought was how can anyone find a way to tell us an original tale in a genre that is so inundated with books and movies every year? Well first time author, Jason McKinney has managed to do this and more. Dog World starts off with a bang and never stops, not even at the end. Throw in a bit of karaoke and one mad 'man's' vision of a human in the freezer for all, and you will eat this book up!

Set during present times, the book combines modern time warfare with a new spin on the werewolf mythos. This is no American Werewolf in Iraq; these werewolves are cunning organized and well trained. Instead of the usual individual struggling to overcome the world faced with devastation, the author brings together a group of soldiers & gun toting cat loving scientist banded together with the sands of the war, the blood of the populace & the hatred of a race that is far superior in strength and power. How they face the fact that werewolves exist redefines what society is for each and everyone.

Being well schooled in my military jargon, I tend to find myself look for mistakes or misrepresented aspects to the military life of soldier and/or family, but not here. This is spot on, plus the added treat of two branches being forced to work as a team. Yes, Jarheads and Groundpounders working together!

The comprehensive qualities are superb. Each description being more epic and detailed with each turn of the page giving character a face, a smile, and a place in your heart, even if it's that little black corner reserved for those abominations of humanity. By the end of this ambitious tale, the characters and their lives will be imprinted into your memory of fantasy and fantastic.

There are no fairy tale endings for our protagonists, no one has won this round, but the implications are there, and humanity is losing ground fast. Diplomacy has lost its way to who's going into the cook's pot. Dogs World and its hairy villains seem to have taken all the hope and smothered it. Questions will be raised! Will civilization over come and take back the world for humans and werewolves alike? Or will the new breed of villain that Mr. McKinney has presented us with suck the life out of all except for him and his ilk? We readers will have to wait for Mr. McKinney's sequel to find out. For now the scales are being tipped heavily to one side, our merry band of brothers and sisters gripping tight for dear life and the Doomsday clock clicks closer to midnight in the light of the full moon.