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Atticus for the Undead

Atticus for the Undead - John Abramowitz I started this on a Sunday evening figuring I at least could get a taste of what it was about. Wondering if I was going to be mildly interested and have to force myself to read through it. (Yes I know that sounds awful but when it comes reading because you promise to read it almost is like reading for school. I can read The Decameron over and over again when I want to but make me read it in class? I struggle through each of the 100 day tales). But I had promised John so I clicked on the Kindle and settled down with my ice tea and began to read... and read.. and squeel and tell Geoff "OHHH this is awesome", and read and fall asleep reading only to wake up to finish reading! This book was SO much fun!

The review:

Atticus for the Undead is both a parody on the legal eagle hero of old, Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird and a statement on how the legal system has treated racism and treats the uprising of new minorities and developing racism. Except for our book the racism is against The Arcane races. The Arcane are straight out of the myths, the movies and the pages of books. Around 15 years ago "The Unveiling" happened and the vampires, witches and zombies came "out" and our protagonist Hunter has set out to defend them. I found the author's comedic take on what happens in today's court systems with some of the over the top and ridiculous accusations made due to hysteria brought about and still holding steady because of 9/11 was refreshing.

Like Atticus Finch, our protagonist Hunter Gamble leads the way in protecting the rights of the newly recognized races, The Arcane.  Hunter takes on the legal struggle for the Arcane with that wonderful and passionate "brand new lawyer attitude".  Breaking away from his father's old school law firm and striking out for the little man (or zombie in this case). Even with Hunter's self-righteousness a little unnerving at times, made the the tale and character even more believable for me.

Within the world Hunter lives the supernatural the Arcane (it is considered a racial slur to call them supernaturals and Hunter continually reminds of this with inner and outer dialogue throughout the book) are persecuted and the struggle to set precident within the legal system is being fought locally; within the high schools (as one of his clients finds out), in the judicial system (as Sam the undead client finds out with a prejudiced but ethical judge) and all the way to the congressional level.  Atticus for the Undead a is a reflection and statement of what many face today and not just a hell of a lot of fun to read.

I fell in love with the characters, they were well developed and rounded out. By the end of it I was frustrated and heartbroken and also left wanting more from Hunter and the world of the Arcanes. It just ENDED with a horrific shock, drizzling out weakly and is  the reason behind my 4 out of 5 stars. The book was strong and kept you going from page to turned page RIGHT till it ended with this fizzle. It was sad, which is ok, but disappointingly sad. Though the addition of the brainstormed titles for the book was hilarious. It still left me wanting to read more about Hunter and his trials and tribulations with the Arcane. I will be buying the next one. John is a great new emerging Indie Author. Over all this story is, taking a original strike at a much played at plot.

I think my father is going to get a kick out of it and have made sure that when he turns on his Kindle tomorrow he finds a present from me! (Every lawyer knows how to laugh at themselves). I would reccomend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal crime, humor and parody, to those that like Law and Order marathons and that CSI humor.