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The Bones of Paris: A Novel of Suspense

The Bones of Paris: A Novel of Suspense - Laurie R. King
The morning exploded…

The first line of the novel can be very powerful so when a book starts with “The morning exploded” one tends to be sitting on the edge of ones seat getting ready for a ride.. and boy did I get one!

This was going to be a simple review because the book is already such delightfully complex, rich and satisfying meal! It is dark, intricate and a gift given to me as it takes me through post World War I Paris, France. Where the exchange rate is low, American girls can sow their wild ta-tas and fruits and whatever else they are shaking *grin* to their hearts content. They hob knob in the bistros and bars in and around Monmartre and Montparnasse with working authors, photographers and artists. When a sketch from Picasso on a martini stained napkin is just beginning to be a wow moment but still not to uncommon. Where people can box with Hemingway, meet up with and have themselves photographed by Man Ray.

I am not privy to the first book by Laurie R. King in this series but you can bet that it is on my wish list now. This is a standalone but you may have a few questions about the book prior. I loved how Ms. King kept sprinkling it throughout the book which by 40% through I had added the first to my Wish List.

Harris Stuyvesant is a US private investigator agent who is working in Europe and currently in Berlin when a letter from the uncle of Phillipa “Pip” Crosby who he believes has gone missing. Summer is ending and no one has heard from Pip since March. What makes this one of those fun plots.. Harris ends up not only knowing who Pip is, but he happened to have a ohhh la la la Tango of the bedroom variety months prior. He needs the money and packs up his backs and heads to back to Paris.

Pip is no where to be found. When he shows up at her apartment her roommate Nancy is just as confused. Pip’s Passport is missing and her attachment to Paris’ artists is obvious with all the photographs and other odd art pieces in her room. FLASH to a new chapter with this creepy discussion about cleansing of bones with beetles…I ended up stopping and re-watching five Bones episodes.. KING OF THE LAB!!! *looking around* oops sorry moving right along…

Coming back to the book and Pip being missing after meeting with a policemen who is just as obsessed with missing people, to the point that they realized there are way to many missing girls who were last seen in Paris in and around the Monmartre and Montparnasse. While he goes around looking for Pip he learns of a demented project starting on on the Theatre Grand- Guignol, where simulated death and dismemberment is becoming entertainment. (Watch the trailer above)

I love history and so you should have seeing me *laughing* Geoff said I was now adding history nerd to my many labels! Continually giggling as all these amazing famous people and places I got to view and visit at while reading. I have always been a fan of seeing the “real” place, not the tourist traps and believe me, some of the places we went are not in the tour guide. King’s incredibly in-depth descriptions with the addition of movement in the prose created another one of those books that was an experience instead of just a read. Photographer Man Ray, Cole Porter, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath and Josephine Baker are just some of the famous people who lived in Paris at the same time. It takes a very talented writer to be able to play their personalities and actions into a story. Bravo Ms. King!

This story is wrought with dark corners to explore, a rumpled hard-boiled detective to crush on and mystery, thrills and glamour all to make you satisfied, like a good steak dinner. That lovely red meat that sticks to your bones and you unbutton your jeans, unzip your skirt and sit around eyes at half mast just with your brain pan completely sated. Yep… and the mystery? Oh me oh my. I got totally caught off guard. Thank you so much!