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Three (Legends of the Duskwalker)

Three - Jay Posey The moment when you read a memory which is shared with the character and you realize you both just figured it out ... at the same time.

Wow was uttered so much throughout this book my husband wondered if I was reading erotica, which I don't read (that and the squealing).

Post-Apocalyptic Fan? Pick this book up. Like books with a bleak outlook and very little hope? Pick this book up. Like books with a touch of sci-fi and make you feel cool reading them? Pick this book up. Do I sound like a fan-girl? Well I am. Jay Posey created an amazing world for me to immerse myself in.

The protagonist is someone who, as you can see on another of Angry Robots commissioned covers, stays in the shadows, keeps to himself and survives. He comes into the light when he needs to. What drives him? Who knows! This book made me feel like I did when reading parts of R. McCammon's "[b:Swan Song|11557|Swan Song|Robert R. McCammon|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1271812903s/11557.jpg|2947187]", Nevil Shute's "[b:On the Beach|38180|On the Beach|Nevil Shute|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1327943327s/38180.jpg|963772]" and even Stephen King's "[b:The Stand|149267|The Stand|Stephen King|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1213131305s/149267.jpg|1742269]". My heart would race, or stomach drop. I would think "How would I do this? Wait, you could use that for..."

Post-Apocalyptic books have always been an exploration for me into my own favorite playground of bleakness. I love the idea of it all, but I am also the girl who is obsessed with the black plague and the zombie apocalypse, so go figure.

Oh wait, zombies? Did I mention zombies? OK I tease :) there are no zombies but there are monsters in this one, and they used to be people but they have been taken over by something and are called Weir. I won't go into it, not important but what is important is that they come out during times of darkness so there are a few things very important. One, post-apocalyptic, no cars.. (There is a train… but it is… oh dear, spoilers) If you are going to go on a walk about you have to be inside and behind a safe wall before dark which means you have to time your walks or you are dead.

Now the interesting thing about this post-apocalyptic world is that tech is still around, even the monsters have tech or are part of it. People are part of the tech, they are born with it, and they sense it. Three is special, and I will let you figure that out for yourself.
I will say this is a book about the characters, about a man who lives a life for himself and who finds out how to let folks in and the costs of doing so, the good and the bad. It is about the people. This is, for me, what makes a post-apocalyptic book, the story about what happens to the people.

In the end… oh the end? The beginning of the end? Mysteries are left unanswered, lives are lost and people’s lives changed forever, hopefully including yours. I held off reviewing this for a bit… and ended up reading it a second time finding even more joy again. I high recommend those who like true dystopic post-apocalyptic looking through a pair of dirty cracked goggles at a bleak world with the sunrise trying to break across the horizon… maybe it will make it up maybe it won’t.

Jay Posey made me want to shake a stick at him and occasionally smack him around and also lick his brain pan on more than one occasion during this read! I cannot wait to read more from this amazing author! He earned every star I give him and more! Oh and a lot of bacon delight (yes, there has to be bacon involving this guy, he rocks, I would give him my bacon)!