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Dust to Blood (Red Slaves, #1) - Tonya Cannariato This book started off like a snowball in early fall only to roll faster and faster till I was unable to stop reading it. It had several things that were a must for me and one of the big ones? Location, Location, Location... Russia, particulary Ekaterinburg where Tsar Nicholas II's family was murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution. One of my favorite romantic notions is that Anastasia, his daughter, was still alive and not one of the murdered family members so much so I wanted to name my first born after her. I found it interesting that our leading lady was named Anne, hmmm I wonder!

Russia has always been a land of mystery in my mind. The KGB, the artwork, Marxism, Revolutions abound and the wonderful expansive literature colored a young girls day dreams. The novel had espinage and secret cabal's of ex-KGB agents that drew me in and had me hopping. And it had one of my favorite mythological creatures, dragons. Tie it up in a romp through the mountains, fantasy and intense, heated romance and I was looking for where to pitch a tent for the next adventure.

Tonya Cannariato is a clever, intelligent author who shows a lot of promise. Her next novel Dementional is already out and it is not a follow up to this one but a Sci-Fi Romance, which Orangeberry is also touring!

I have to admit I was totally confused for at least the first 15% of the book. I ended up going back and reading the synopsis and applying that I started getting it. The only thing I was lacking as a good prologue. I think if I had one it would not be so hard to follow Anne's first days, what her drive was, and who and what the boss was all about. But like I said once it got rolling.. Oh look! I just found my tent stakes and I already have good winter gear! Can't wait for the next segment of Anne and the rest of the cast's adventure!