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Kingdom (Tiber City, #1)

Kingdom (Tiber City, #1) - Anderson O'Donnell My review is being held back But I want to add a few things.

THIS is NOT YA. This is a dense novel that requires the reader to be engaged and wanting to take time to read it.

This novel will disturb you at times, that is a good reaction, it is supposed too. It is suppose to make you think, make you question as well as entertaining you. This book will make you smile at it's intelligent wit, and make you cry at the loss of humanity at some. It will piss you off... don't worry it is suppose too.

This is literary fiction. It is DARK, GRITTY and will disturb some peoples idiologies, but isn't that what books are suppose to do? Challenge us?

When I started reading this I was thrown into a world that was reminiscent of William Gibson with a touch of the conspiracy found at least 23 times in The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid/The Golden Apple/Leviathan woven into a dark and deceptive tale. Just let it happen and do not get lost.

One reviewer call it "Dystopian Gutter Punk Neo Noir Thriller" Love it, exactly so take that word, DYSTOPIA, look it up. If you do not like to have a bright and shiny bubble broken up and do not want to think, go grab a cozy .. this one is not a cozy. BTW this is not my final review but I just wanted to state this. This is what the Indie Revolution is ALL about... BRING IT!