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Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel (Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery)

Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel (Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery) - Rose Pressey I read this while stuck waiting at the hospital. As stated by Rose this was outside the normal paranormal mystery or cozy expected and since ut came out between awaited new books of her other series it was a nice side path.

Feeling blue I am glad I choose this to read. I found myself holding my breath at times, thinking Rae was plum crazy at others, smiling at her willingnesss to.seize the day and feeling bad for her with the craziness of a small.Southern town. I have been her, divorced and in a town that wasn't home. Now it is home and I to have made it work and become my own little haven, minus the dead bodies!

Thanks for another wonderful anfmd fast paced mystery, Rose. Your.books.keep me smiling everytime I read one! Oh and the added tips or recipes.at the end? Brilliant!