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Witchwood Estate - Going Home (book 1) - Patti Roberts First off for those of you who are already Patti Roberts fans of her Paradox series, you will know she is a spectacularly imaginative and beautiful author. Where some folks books read like solid dependable working boots, hers read like the gentle and delicate lace adorning your grandmothers couches. They are full of spirit and grace. Each of these types of styles are fine, and I enjoy both. What sets Patti’s into this category is her grace and energy. She truly is a joy to read, and to know. I was thrilled to see her releasing something that I adore, short stories, and to make it better, they were to be part of a whole series.

Sixty-One pages of a splendid short story Now if I read a page per minute that is a hair over an hour of reading, without commercial breaks. Took me a bit longer to finish, but keep up and you will see where I am going with this comparison. The series is slotted to be released one short story at a time, like a TV series, one episode at a time. With each short shining the spotlight into things going on. The first in this is Witchwood Estates – Going Home.

When the scene fades in, our leading girl Alexandri is getting ready to go home to her families estate. She is about to turn 18 and her inheritance needs to be claimed before the home and everything within the estate is lost. Alexandria lost her parents at an early age and was raised by a curious and loving couple, Olly and Martha Barnaby. They taught her about her family heritage, as in she comes from a family of witches and she herself is one too.

All it took was a bit of belief and a drop of her blood and her mothers spell book showed it’s secrets. Opening the book opened her to a whole new world. She didn’t have much time for the kids growing up, in fact they teased her so badly she created an invisibility spell so she could grow up and go to school in peace.

This is my first taste of the TV episodic-like flavor promised to us. So, consider this the pilot episode, and I believe this pilot in the world of whimsy for young-adults and young at heart, as it has been sold. The conventions of the story arc are not complicated. You have good witches, evil witches, wandering spirits.. what will happen next? Well we are going to have to wait till next week month to see!

4.5 stars