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Once Upon a Darkness - Aria Kane It was wonderful, fun and not long enough. I hope she writes more. Paced just right for a novella and written without it feeling rushed. I am a sucker for a good zombie book but this was more than just a zombie book. Hopefully it is just the first exposure and introduction to a group of great characters and survivalist.

Her background as a romance author shines through with her intimate scenes with Clint and Gretchen. However it is not overwhelming, it is used as a necessary story device. For me this is a huge plus! I like a little romance with my Apocalypse not the other way around!

I really want more of this world build and more from these characters. I really feel there is a lot more left for us to find out!

I am so thrilled I stumbled upon the author.

I highly recommend this for zombie story readers and those who may be interested in introducing themselves to a post zombie apocalypse world without all the horror, blood and brains. It won't keep you up at night but it will make you think.. not too deeply just enough to smile and bounce and say More MORE more~!!!