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White Flag of The Dead: Zombie Series

White Flag of The Dead: Zombie Series - Joseph Talluto This was very hard to read for the first quarter of the book. The horror of possibilities because of a man and a baby. I struggled to be through it at first because of that on my. It terrified me.

When more folks entered into the equationthings started getting more B movie-ish. the story ... it was not plausible or even enjoyable. I kept expecting Thunder Dome! (Which I sort of got at the end «eye rolling»)…

The middle was dry and all tell tell tell. I got pretty sick of the constant explanation of weapons carried and Rambo-like ninja black ops training he seemed to have. John was believable at the beginning and I like him but it just got the point of me going "really?? Come on!! Give me a break!!" What kept me reading we're these pockets of good story telling. Maybe the need to have the story end with the baby OK. It was No consistent. But I slogged through so something worthwhile was there.

It needed a good edit. There were parts which I would have rated a four. The story grabbed me. I had nightmares so obviously if doesn't suck. It was OK. 2.5 smack average in the middle. I probably won't bother with the rest of this series. The only thing tempting me is to finding out more about the intelligent fast paced zombies. Meh. Who knows.

I've owned the book for over a year. I.can't remember if I bought it or got it as freebie on a KDP day. I needed some zombie goodness. As you can see it took me awhile to slog through. Would I recommend it. Not to buy an only of you were bored. I don't know. I'm struggling. This just had really good part and others which made me feel like I was on an acid trip. an others whet I wanted to scream and a few times a sigh of relief. 50/50 on a ya or nay