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Ghost Memory (A Thulukan Chronicles Story, #1)

Ghost Memory (A Thulukan Chronicles Story, #1) - Maer Wilson I’m going to admit, I have not finished RELICS, the book this short story is a prelude too. I Interviewed Maer for Bewitching Talk Radio having a cool conversation about the main novel and everything entailed within it. This short story, which released on Thursday, July 25th, takes place before RELICS while Fiona and her husband Thulu are finishing their final year of college.

Maer has a flair for shorts, I have only read the first half of the novel and have experienced her writing as something almost akin to blocking a show, which is not a surprise given her theatre background. She has very descriptive, which can be misleading at times when you are paying attention to detail in a mystery novel but I can definitely say I know exactly what everything looks like. She paints a picture with words and I really wish I lived in San Francisco in one of the old Victorians.

Arguably, and we did argue about this being a young adult read, this is a story that is not written for young adults but it is easily accessible to them and also because of the PG-13 rating I would easily give both this and the novel, I would easily think your teen would love and enjoy it, especially since this married couple is a very positive example of a healthy relationship!

It was a great introduction to the novel and gives you a great tease to #TeamThulukan, RELICS!

A few wonderful things I want to add: The short was professionally edited and formatted and this is evident. Th eBook is completely accessibility for all tablets, phones and online cloud readers and includes not only the first chapter but also all her social media links and even her awesome Book Trailer! Considering it is a short story, the evident love that was poured into a short story shows the passion the author has for her story and respect she has for her readers.

4.5 Stars

I had to take a bit off because of the over describing things that really did not need to be part of a short story, in my opinion! Go grab your copy today!