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The Omega Project

The Omega Project - Steve Alten I am not reviewing the book for the tour company. I did finally finish the book and it was just OK (as the two stars confirm). The writing is good. I have read other books by him and this rating is in comparison to these.

This book is a HUGE preachy book about what could happen to the world when we do not go green.

There was a lot of ludonarrative dissonance regarding the main character. The main character was betrayed as someone without any religion or spirituality. He is wrapped up in his machines. At the beginning he is someone who should not be so capable at the end of the world, at least with the running out of energy and the asteroid heading towards earth. And all of a sudden he is super survivor. He should not be able to do all that! When they get to Antarctica, again already built up as not only a non-practicing Jew but someone who does not believe in anything but the science. You don't start praying and FEELING your soul bam, no matter how much of an experience you have. It happens, sure, but it happens within reason. It was... it was discerning and frustrating.

I do not want to be preached to in science fiction. Some great authors can pull it off. Frank Herbert in his Destination: Void series, Orson Scott Card with Ender's Game... they pulled it off. This book did not pull it off. In fact... I wanted to put a hat on Oscar, I did, I am ashamed of it, but picturing him with a hat helped me finish the book.

Don't get me wrong there were some gorgeous scenes, some incredible story building but it was ruined with all the preaching and shoving of spirituality.

If you like this kind of thing you will absolutely fall in love with this book. If you are looking for a straight up sci-fi read, just take head and be forewarned. Perhaps if I expected it, I would not have had such an issue!